Selena Gomez Makeup

Let’s face it. Women, young and old alike, want to look beautiful all the time. Many of them want to look as pretty as the celebrities they see onscreen and in the magazines. These celebrities have their own stylists and makeup artists to help them look perfect for the red carpet. Of course, not everyone is blessed with having an entourage of stylists and makeup artists to help them look good every day. Fortunately, there are plenty of celebrity makeup tutorials already available online as well as in the magazines so women can get that red carpet ready looks themselves.

selena gomez makeupSelena Gomez is considered as one of the most beautiful young stars in Hollywood right now. Whether bare-faced or heavily made up, she always looks stunning that many people, especially teens out there, imitate her looks. Her makeup, the style of her hair, and her outfit choices are often featured in magazines because these magazines know that people love her looks. There are also a lot of Selena Gomez makeup tutorials out there that women, young and old, can use as reference. These tutorials are often easy to do and make use of inexpensive makeup that anyone can easily purchase. Some of those tutorials even list down exactly the same products that Selena uses so that those who follow the tutorials get the exact look.

This Selena Gomez makeup tutorial is helpful if you want to know how she does her makeup and would like to achieve her looks. Some Selena Gomez makeup looks are also mentioned here so that you can use it if you are going for a specific look, whether for day or for night. The instructions are pretty straightforward and you can easily achieve your desired look by simply following this guide. Who needs to pay for someone to do your makeup if you can learn how to do it on your own?


Whether you are going for either her daytime or evening look, you should always follow the basics before putting makeup on your face – cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Make sure that your cleansers, toners, and moisturizers are specifically formulated for your skin, whether it is normal, dry, oily, or combination. After moisturizing, apply a matte finish foundation but just enough to give you a healthy glow. A trick is to warm it up between your hands and apply small amounts at a time using a thick brush or fingers and lightly brush forward until it is blended into your skin. You can skip applying foundation if you already have an even complexion. If you have a medium skin tone like Selena, you can use bronze or dusty-rose shades of blush or any natural looking blush on your cheeks to complement daytime look. Peach shades or tanned blush work on evening makeup. Well-groomed eyebrows work wonders for the eyes so have them plucked or waxed if you can.


To get her simple daytime look, you can first apply two cucumber slices or two wet cotton balls on top of your eyelids while lying down (of course you need to close your eyes before putting the cucumber or cotton balls on your eyelids). Leave it there for about a minute and remove them. Your eyes are guaranteed to have a natural shine to them that Selena is known for after that quick eye treatment. You can go bare or add eye shadow to your eyelids afterwards. If you choose to put on eye shadow, make sure that your eyes are dry and put on a lighter shade on the eyelids. Then, add a darker shade to the creases to complete the look. Make sure that the colors complement your eye color and that it is blended well. Selena sometimes uses a combination of reflective pearly pink shimmery eye shadow on the lids and golden eye shadow on the creases. Apply black or dark brown eyeliner to both upper and lower lids but don’t put it on thick. Finish it by adding volume mascara to your lashes.

But if you are going to a party and would like to copy her signature smoky eye makeup, use black and brown eye shadows instead of lighter colors and apply black eyeliner on both the upper eyelids and waterlines. Use black lengthening mascara for your lashes.


Selena is known for having naturally plump lips, something not all women are blessed with. Fortunately you can make your lips look plump with different methods. For the easy way, look for specialized lip glosses which temporarily make your lips plumper once you put it on. There are other ways to do so if you cannot find those specially formulated lip glosses. When brushing your teeth, include brushing your lips as well for three minutes. Another method is by using about a teaspoon of salt or sugar. After licking your lips twice, kiss the teaspoon of salt and sugar until it thoroughly covers your lips. Rub your lips together and rinse thoroughly.

Make sure to moisturize your lips especially when your lips are dry or chapped. Lip balms with SPF work wonders on the lips. Avoid licking your lips when you feel that it is dry because it dries out the lips even more.

For a daytime look, Selena simply applies lip gloss on her lips. In particular, she applies nude colored lip gloss since her lips are naturally pinky already. Remember to apply lip gloss moderately to make it look natural. You can also apply some white lip liner and blend it to get pinkish lips.

Depending on her makeup, Selena either uses lip gloss or lipstick to complement her evening looks. If you decide to have smoky eye makeup, simply use nude colored lip gloss or clear lipstick to keep the focus on your eyes. But if you want to make your lips as the focal point, you can use bright red lipstick or other colors that complement your skin tone. Note that bright red shades of lipstick goes well if you have simple eye makeup.